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Bill Mertz

Largo, FL, 33778, United States
Cell Phone: 727-608-8428

Type: Full Time or Contract

Primary Position Seeking: Chief Engineer
Secondary Position Seeking: Chief Engineer

Engineering Licenses

Chief Engineer (Limited Ocean)Engineer OSV
Chief Engineer OSV

Document Ratings



BST: Basic Safety TrainingUnlimited hp
PSC: Proficiency in Survival CraftLifeboatman
OSV (Less 3000 GT ITC)

Other Endorsements

I I have a very extensive Resume with Qualifications, that this site does not let me show case due to space requirements

I I would be happy to email you a copy upon request.

II have excellant references upon request.


A Position requiring a Chief Engineer Limited 0ceans Unlimited Horse power with broad scope of experience, an aptitude for detail, excellent analytical and problem solving skills and a track record for delivering results. From a company that will benefit from my Engineering experience and skills while providing me the ability to further advance in my field for our shared benefit.

Summary of qualifications:

Caterpillar diesel maintenance

  • EMD diesel maintenance
  • Pumps and piping systems
  • Generators and switchboards
  • Electrical systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Desalination plants
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic control systems
  • Boilers and operating systems
  • Ballasting and control systems
  • Welding skills
  • Computer skills

Work experience

I have 43 years experience working on Large ATB'S, Large Ocean going Tug boats, Oil Barges,Factory Trawl fishing vessels, King crab vessels in the Bering Sea,Dive support Vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and a VLCC in the Middle East and a Seismic Survey Vessel in the North Pacific Ocean.

I present a neat and alert appearance.

I am able to use independent judgment and discretion to develop and execute innovative solutions to engineering problems in the management of large motor vessels.

I inspect vessels before and after each voyage.

I perform daily/weekly/monthly preventive maintenance as per maintenance schedule.

I operate vessels appropriate to the parameters of the IMO-HSC.

I maintain a safe and clean engine room and mechanical spaces

I maintain daily logs and all logs required by USCG.

I properly process and pump sewage and oily water tanks as needed.

I maintain proper fuel levels and supervise fueling of vessel and/or barge.

I make emergency repairs when needed.

I perform all other duties and responsibilities normally expected of a vessels Chief Engineer.

I have worked in several ship yard projects from new build Navy Ships to a position as a Owners representative, to outside machinist/welder on many projects including burning off and welding on new kort nozzles on 6 different vessels with a great savings to the vessels owners,

New piping replacement projects, New shafting and truing of wheels, or complete Main engine and Generator overhauls or replacement.

Moran Towing

ATB Mary Ann Moran

Chief Engineer

New Orleans to Puerto Rico with dry bulk 25,000 ton barge

EMD powered

Crowley Maritime Puerto Rico Services

Chief Engineer on 20 cyl turbo EMD tugboats pulling 725 foot barges between Jacksonville Florida and Puerto Rico, Markey double drum winches Cat Generators.

Marine Towing of Tampa Florida

Chief Engineer on 5000 HP Tractor Tugs in Tampa Harbor, with Rolls Royce Z-Drives doing ship assist work. I inspect engines and other equipment, repair or replace defective parts underway or pier- side. Record status such as temperature of equipment, hours of operation, fuel consumed water levels, voltage load and generator balance, Fuel vessels, change all fuel and lube oil filters according to Manufactures specs. Monitor day tanks

Golden Shamrock Inc. Seattle, Washington

Chief Engineer

I performed all the duties and responsibilities as a Engineer is expected on a 173 foot Bering Sea king Crab Vessel.

This included ship yard work before the season and keeping the vessel to ABS Standards as we were the only ABS Catcher/Processor in the King Crab Fleet. All main engines and generators were GM 16-192 or GM 16-149 series, I preformed all maintenance tune ups and oil and filter changes as per owners and manufactures requirements.

Sause Bros. Ocean Towing Inc. Coos Bay, Oregon

Chief Engineer

Assistant and Chief Engineer, on various large ocean tugboats 5,000 to

10,000 horsepower and EMD or Caterpillar powered. Maintained engine

room and deck machinery, including Falk reduction gears, power pack

change outs, engine timing, replacing pumps, bunkering the vessel,

centrifuge maintenance, and towing wire replacement on Markey double

drum towing winches on the West coast to Hawaiian Islands voyages with

Lumber, and Multi-Product Petroleum barges.

Crowley Maritime.

I worked as a Tankerman on various multi-product cargo barges in Alaska, Hawaii and the vast Pacific Coast. I was in charge of safely loading and discharging to various Terminal and ships Bunker fuels of various grades, Diesel fuels , Gasoline and Gas cut blends, Lube oils, Jet fuel and Aviation Fuels, Crude oil, and Tanker ship lightering to barges at sea, also various corrosives and chemicals.


2000 to 2002 Peninsula College, Forks, Washington

Office Computer skills in MS Windows, (Word, Excel 97, Access) Human Relations Skills, Industrial Safety, Business Writing and Communications Mathematics for the Trades.

June 1992 to 1992 Hatch and Kirk, Seattle Washington

EMD factory school. Diesel and maintenance and repair classes both

technical and practical with hands on training covering installation,

Inspection and qualification of components. Advances maintenance

procedures and repairs, engine timing, accessory gear train build-up,

Power assembly change out, parts identification and ordering. Resulting in a solid back ground in Advanced Procedures and Advanced Troubleshooting and Repairs.

June 1975 to 1979 Lockheed Shipbuilding and Repair, Seattle WA

Apprenticeship training for welders/ship fitters,

Blueprint reading and layout, Metallurgy skills/methods, Welding skills in

the following processes, Shielded metal arc, Automatic machine welding in steel and aluminum, HY-80 Steel preheating and welding,

X-ray quality welds and non destructive testing of all welds, Resulting in

#23 different American welding Society Certifications.

SeattleMaritime Community College

Safety and survival at sea

Caterpillar/Cummins diesel engine maintenance

Vessel Stability

Electrical Maintenance onboard vessels

Refrigeration Systems

Boilers and their Maintenance.

Fire fighting training, beginning and advanced classes, Live training in the

WashingtonState Fire Fighting Academy�s live fire engine room simulator.

Merchant marine

Documents and Licenses

Merchant Marine License and Z Card Documents

Chief Engineer Limited Oceans Unlimited Horsepower,

Chief Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels 5000 Horsepower,

Designated Duty Engineer Unlimited Horsepower,

Chief Engineer OSV

QMED with following ratings-

Refrigerating Engineer, Pump man, Junior Engineer, Electrician, Machinist, Engineman, Oilier, Fireman/Water tender, Deck Engine Mechanic, Deck Engineer.

STCW 95/TWIC Card, Life boatman, and Advanced medical provider, Meese, Huet, Engine room resource management, Leadership and Managerial skills, Marine Chemist Certificate. Tankerman PIC certificate.

CPR First Aid Card, Train the trainer card, RFPEW, Designated security Awareness,

HUET card

Nearest Airport Tampa International

Current US Passport. 9 years left until renewal

Other Certifications

Additional Skills

I have spent considerable time in the wheelhouse over the years piloting the vessels and have navigation skills.


STCW 95 Certified Documents



Ocean Tug
Name: Moran Towing
Rank: Chief Engineer
From October 2015 to May 2017
Details: 135 foot EMD turbo 12 cylinder boats John Deere auxilliarys
Comments: Line haul ATB between New Orleans and San Juan Puerto Rico weekly sailings 720 foot total length dry bulk barge


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